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What is a Seller Carryback Real Estate Note?

A Seller Carryback Real Estate Note is created when you have sold real estate property and have agreed to receive payments over time. A real estate note is a promise to pay a debt, with the promise secured by a mortgage, trust deed or contract.

What is The Note Worth?

All Notes are purchased at a discount from the current remaining Note balance. There are no "standard" Notes or property values. Every note, every property, and every payor is different. When determining the current cash value of a note we must consider the following:

Note Term
Note Balance
Note Interest Rate
Type of Property
Location of the Property

Who should consider Notes for Sale?

*) An Investor Seeking Diversification

*) An Income Oriented Investor Seeking Attractive Yields

*) An Institutional Investor

*) Self-Directed IRA and/or Retirement Accounts are also eligilble.


*) Anyone looking for Notes for Sale




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