The Note Store Buyer Referral Program:

Earn 15% commission on EVERY Note "your" buyer purchases: is excited to announce our new "Buyer Referral Program".

Link to signup sheet: (Word Version)

Link to signup sheet: (PDF Version)

Overview: Here at The Note Store, we offer qualified investors, "seller carryback mortgage" investments, secured by Real Estate, that pay yields of 10% and up! We have contacts with individuals and groups that are creating Notes all the time, and who are looking for buyers for the Notes. Help us find qualified buyers and you can earn a commission for EVERY note that "your" investor buys!

Here's how it works.

1) Using the marketing method of your choice, find a qualified "principal" buyer (investor) who might be interested in purchasing a Note that yields 10 % and up on their money. We will even help you with ad copy you can use, as well as ideas on where to find potential buyers.

2) Send us the name, phone number and email address of your potential buyer.

3) We will qualify your buyer with our "suitability" questionaire.

If the buyer qualifies, and you are the first to register that potential buyer, you will now "own" the rights to that buyer. We will put the buyer in our database, and for every Note the buyer purchases, you will receive a 15% payment on the commission amount of the note sale FOR EVERY NOTE that the buyer purchases, whether that is tomorrow, or next week, or next year, or the next several years! You get paid every time, just for bringing the buyer in once! You can potentially earn residual income just by bringing us a few qualified buyers. You don't have to sell anything, or broker anything, you just need to bring us qualified buyers.

The great part about it is you only have to bring in the buyer once, and you will continue to get paid for every note that buyer purchases. Imagine bringing in several or even several dozen qualified buyers! You could set yourself up with residual income, by doing very little work. Just find the buyers, and send us their contact info! Of course, you will need their permission to send us their information.

Here is a link with more details on the program and how to get started

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