Investor Reviews

*Note: Reviews taken verbatim from this and other websites. in no way vouches for or makes any claims or guarantees towards any investment strategy, please see your investment professional for advice.

"When I saw the returns that I could get from purchasing First Trust Deeds backed with the security of Real Estate, I wondered what took me so long to make this a part of my investment portfolio!" - Anon, CA

"First Trust Deeds have been the main part of my retirement portfolio for over 40 years." They enable me to invest in a specific property, where my name is on the title and I have complete control of the investment. I feel they are secure and financially rewarding when the loan to value ratio is rational. Thanks to my First Trust Deed investments, I as able to retire at the age of 52. - Anon, CA

"I only invest in things I can understand and can control." With Trust Deeds I know the exact character of the investment, and can confidently select the risk/reward ratio. And, I have complete management control and visibility after making the investment. Anon, CA

"First Trust Deeds are a perfect financial mechanism in concert with my Tax Free Muni Strategy." First Trust Deeds enable me to benefit from retail mortgage rates with excellent security while at the same time using a laddered-approach to Tax Free Municipal Bonds. Because I have bonds being refunded every year, while at the same time there are periodic payoffs on my First Trust Deeds, I am able to maximize my cash-flow and move money back-and-forth between the two investments to deal with the ever changing federal tax policy. Anon, CA



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